Sunday, April 27, 2014

Carol Thomas, Schaumburg, Illinois, USA

A fold out book with images from the San Francisco Ex Postal Facto gathering.
 Great to meet you in SF Carol . . See you in the mail!

Torill Elizabeth Larsen, Olso, NORWAY

Mailbox Abundance!
This series of print/collage portraits arrived this week.
Thanks Torill Elizabeth . .  very much appreciated.
See you in the mail! 

Buz Blurr, Gurdon, Arkansas, USA

 Buz Buz Buz . . Blurring the lines . . .  

Franco Ballabeni, Colico, Lecco, ITALY

Portraits from age 3 to year 2162!
Thanks Franco . . Check out his site: Franco Ballabeni

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Portrait Documenation Page 50

Thanks to:
EJ Smith — CANADA, Guido Vermeullen — BELGIUM, Petr Prusa — CANADA, Robert Randall — CANADA, Ryan Tamares — USA, Walter Pennacchi — ITALY 

Michael Orr — USA, Giancarlo Pucci — ITALY, Tippi Hedren — USA, Guido Bondioli — USA, Carl McDonald — CANADA, Ruggero Maggi — ITALY 

Liana Swink — USA, Roberto Formigoni — ITALY, Ed Higgins III — USA, Erich Sundermann — AUSTRIA, David Stafford — USA, Mailarta — CANADA 

André Robèr — FRANCE, The Sticker Dude — USA, Manuel Ruiz Ruiz — SPAIN, Jack Ferlise — USA, Kurt Beaulieu — CANADA, Robert Duvall — USA 

Jack Ferlise, Trenton, New Jersey, USA

A selfie from Jack . . Thanks . . see you in the mail.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Manuel Ruiz Ruiz, Granada, SPAIN

Artistamp by Manuel
Check out his art at: Manuel Ruiz Ruiz Artista

The Sticker Dude, Joel Cohen, New York, New York, USA

The multi faceted Joel . . More about him at: Ragged Edge Press
See you in the mail!  . . Have a great Birthday!

André Robèr, Ille-sur-Têt, FRANCE

Merci Andre   
More about this artist, poet at: André Robèr

Walter Pennacchi, Latina, ITALY

Thanks Walter . . see you in the mail!

David Stafford, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Thanks David . . always a pleasure to get your mail!

Let the Kite Fly I say . . hope see you land at Studio J sometime

Erich Sundermann, Wien, AUSTRIA

Drawing on graph paper
Thanks so much Erich . . the second to respond to Portraits II
See more of Erich's work check out: Bildergeshichten

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ed Higgins III, Doo Da Post, New York, New York, USA

Carl Chew and Ed Higgins III
Package from Ed with pics from the Ex Postal Facto Event.
Check out:  DOO DA POST
Anna Banana, Jokie Wilson, Mailarta, Jas Felter
 Mailarta, Ed, Sticker Dude
 Jennie and Friend

 Buz Blurr, Ed, Harley and Hamlet

Roberto Formigoni, Brescia, ITALY

 A fold out poster celebrating the Cavellini Mail Art show that happened in Brescia.
Thanks Roberto!