Saturday, April 5, 2014

EJ Smith, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Raised in Canada, EJ started his musical career by learning to sing at the age of 4. After mastering both drums and guitar on his own at the age of 7, song writing soon followed. His passion to both perform and write is ongoing as well as his desire to help others which is often reflected in his songs as well as his annual "HELP A CHARITY AT CHRISTMAS" . Occasionally he allows his vulnerability to come through as well has his humor. He’s definitely an artist worth listening to. " Dancing On Ellen's Show" exhibits the compassion we all have deep down inside to dance just like your on Ellen's Show. Check out the companion YouTube video "EJ Smith Dancing On Ellen's Show The Song. Or go to his official website and click on the videos for a link, you can also check out helping a Christmas Charity on the Charity tab too.
Hear his music at: EJ SMITH
EJ's website: EJ SMITH

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