Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Delighted to have my postman hand this envelope to me today from the Prime Minister's office.
Postcard # 1140 now joins the wall of portraits at Studio J.  — Merci Beaucoup Sophie!
More about Sophie at: Sophie Gregoire Trudeau

Monday, May 8, 2017

Kiyomitsu Saito, Long Island City, New York, USA

Thanks to artist Saito for this portrait

Check out art from K.Saito at: KSAITO57

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Portrait Documentation Page 71

Thanks to everyone for their contribution to page 71

Brian Terwilliger — USA, Emilio Morandi — ITALY, Tab Hunter — USA, William Trevitt — ENGLAND, Warwick Rowers — ENGLAND, Paul Toussaint — USA
Robert Bateman — CANADA, Domenico Severino — ITALY, Menzer Pehlivan — USA, Torill Elizabeth Larsen — NORWAY, Sugar Irmer — GERMANY, Mary Crosby — USA
Danny John-Jules — ENGLAND, Virginia Milici — ITALY, Dr. Sam Willis — ENGLAND, Lucia Spagnuolo — ITALY, Hagitha Krystal — USA, Mzia Valerian — BELGIUM
Ronnie Burkett — CANADA, Herma Kamphuis — The NETHERLANDS, Nancy and Errol Rubin — USA, Emilio Carrrasco — MEXICO, Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler — AUSTRALIA, Harvey Fierstein, — USA

Harvey Fierstein, New York, New York, USA

Harvey and Edna . . what a great mail day!
Many Thanks to the very talented actor, writer, Harvey Fierstein

Marc Deb, Arras, FRANCE

Many Thanks to mail artist Marc Deb for the return of portrait postcard # 1119 
See you in the mail!

Marc has an ongoing Zine project "SPLEEN"