Monday, September 17, 2018

Ravindra, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Many Thanks to my friend Ravindra for generously allowing this photo to join the Portrait Palace. Sometimes a moment presents itself . . (and with a wee nudge)  . . voila #1,888 in the series of self portraits has now been discovered.
Love and Laughter always, M

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Paris Black, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Many Thanks to my talented friend Paris for signing these postcards.
Check out: PARIS BLACK

Friday, September 7, 2018

Sybil Bruncheon, New York, New York, USA

Opened my studio door this morning to find the mailman had delivered this envelope from  the amazing artist John Burke and Sybil Bruncheon.
Absolutely delighted to have you joining the artists wall of inspiration!
Check out Sybil's website: Sybil Bruncheon

Artist Trading Card series featuring the many splendid faces of Sybil

I.G.H. / Private World, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Many Thanks to my friend I.G.H. for these portraits 
"Beneath our masks we are all the same"

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Gerda Osteneck, Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA

Many Thanks to artist Gerda Osteneck  for this detailed stitched portrait postcard.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Lars Schumacher, Hannover, GERMANY

Lars Schumacher and Daniel Simons
Eat Art - Kassler Dokumente

Many Thanks Lars for your mailing.

Check out Lars website: Lars Schumacher

Guido Bondioli, Mesa, Arizona, USA

Thanks to Guido for this portrait . .  see you in the mail soon!

Portrait Documentation Page 78

Thanks to every for being part of this series . . Page 78 now complete, with much gratitude to:

01. Paris Black, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
02. Dale Copeland, New Plymouth, NEW ZEALAND
03. Pier Roberto Bassi, Castel Mella, Brescia, ITALY
04. Ann Mortifee, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
05. Denis Donnelly, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
06. Siobhan Robinsong, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

07. Judi Dench, London, ENGLAND
08. Gemma Jones, London, ENGLAND
09. Xavier Toscano, Menlo Park, California, USA 
10. Virginia Milici, Treviso, ITALY
11. Jokie X Wilson, San Francisco, California, USA
12. Glenda Jackson, London, ENGLAND

13. Miss Chief /Kent Monkman, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
14. Aristide 3108 & Roberto Formigoni, Brescia, ITALY
15. Helen Clark, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
16. Andrew Bruce, Alexandria, SCOTLAND
17. Torill Elizabeth Larsen, Olso, NORWAY
18. Martin Batchelor, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

19. Michael Leigh, Cheshire, ENGLAND
20. John Harris, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
21. Matt Bomer, New York, New York, USA
22. Jagmeet Singh, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA
23. Premier John Horgan, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
24. Nicola Walker, London, ENGLAND

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Arpad and Heda Vidmar-Šalamon, Konjice, SLOVENIA

Many Thanks Arpad and Heda for your mailing. See you in the mail soon.
Kindest Regards from Canada.

Serse Luigetti, Perugia, ITALY

Thanks to longtime mailart correspondant Serse for this recent mailing.

John Harris, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Thanks to John  . .  my inspiration . . . 
as we approach our 27th year together.
with lots of Love and Laughter . .

Susanne Schumacher, Hannover, GERMANY

Portrait postcard from Susanne in Hannover
More about this artist at her site:

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Lynda Pitt-Brooke, Ladysmith, British Columbia, CANADA

A Bedazzled Beauty arrived today in my mailbox  . . ( with jewelled envelope too) many Thanks to the ever creative Lynda Pitt-Brooke for this highlight in my day! . . See you soon!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Karen Alekyan, Gyumri, ARMENIA

Thanks to Karen for this series of 5 portraits that just arrived from Armenia.
Check out his website at: Karenalekyan

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Nicola Walker, London, ENGLAND

Postcard #1304 finds it's way to the mailbox at Studio J . . Many Thanks to actress Nicola Walker for kindly autographing and sending it back to me.
Check out more about her amazing career at: Nicola Walker - IMDb

Premier John Horgan, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Many Thanks to our Premier John Horgan for coming out to the Pride Celebrations in Victoria this weekend.
Check out: NDP BC Government
The Queen of Poste ( with Sharpie on hand . . one more signing closer to the title of Autograph Queen of Canada)

Jagmeet Singh, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

Many Thanks to NDP Leader Jagmeet for signing my portrait postcard during his recent visit to Victoria for the recent Pride Celebrations.
Check out his site: Jagmeet Singh
Mailarta and Jagmeet and (Rob Flemming peeking in)
Requisite Selfie time with Mailarta, Premier John Horgan, Jagmeet and The Sisters

Friday, July 6, 2018

Matt Bomer, New York, New York, USA

Many Thanks to actor Matt Bomer for the signing and return of his portrait postcard.
(It was part of my mailing to the "Boys in the Band" now playing at the Booth Theatre in New York)

Elena Stepanenko, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Many Thanks to my artist friend Elena for signing card # 1275 

Michael Leigh, Cheshire, ENGLAND

Many Thanks to artist Michael Leigh for the edition of 12 portrait ATC's that arrived . . loved the address: "Dame's Porpoise Palace" . . great envelope too.