Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Eddie Nero, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Check out more for Eddie at his site: Eddie Nero

Alexey Klukin, Yoshkar Ola, RUSSIA

A series of drawings and images from Alexey in Yoshkar-Ola.
You can see an interview of Alexey with his unique collections at: YOU TUBE ALEXEY

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dorian Ribas Marinho, Florianopolis, (SC), BRASIL

New additions to the Portrait Project from Dorian. 
Dorian also has a mail art call: "The End"
Deadline Dec 20th, 2012
Send works to:
Dorian Ribas Marinho
Caixa Postal no. 676 - Florianopolis (SC)
BRASIL 88010-970

Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Bending, Stratford, ON, CANADA

And here are two of my favourite Dames . . April and Louise
April and I share a love of sculpture and the work of Louise Bourgeois . . Great shot Thanks for mailing it to the my Portrait Gallery Project.
More from April at her site: April Bending Fine Artist

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Documentation - Page 16 of the Portrait Project

Special Thanks to those who participated in this edition:
Vanessa Kister - Brazil, Emilio Morandi - Italy, Ivan Zemtsov - Russia, Marina Salmaso - Denmark, Heinz Lotz - Germany, Sean Nattrass - Canada
Elke Grundmann - Germany, Jimmy Wright - Canada, Diana Durrand - Canada, Natalya Chernobrovkina - Russia, Ellen Bennett - Canada, Ann Marie Bennett - Canada
Queen Elizabeth II - England, Lance Olsen - Canada, Chris & Steven- Canada, Keith Martin - Canada, J. Ryan Wade - USA, C. Casamayor de Planta - France
Jessie Homer French - USA, Wayne Bianchin - Canada, Hopeton Anderson - Canada, Snappy - Canada, Anna Banana - Canada, Mailarta - Canada

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mailarta, Victoria, BC, CANADA

From the Wearable Art Show at AGGV . . Guess who is emcee for this years "Art Attire" happening on June 11th ???. .

I'm already working on the design of the new hat with my in-house alter ego sculptor . . stayed tuned more to follow . . perhaps I'll see you at the show!
with Love and Laughter
as always

Monday, April 11, 2011

Valery Shimanovsky, Tatarstan, RUSSIA

Post Card Portrait from Valery in Russia
He also has a mail art call: " SVIYAZHSK. RENAISSANCE OF ISLAND-CITY" 
More details here: MAILARTA"S MAIL BAG

Snappy, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

From the IAP 2011 Stamp Edition
More from Snappy at his blog site: SNAPPY SERVICE

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Diane Bertrand, St-Leonard, Quebec, CANADA

Springtime Greetings from Mail Artist Diane Bertrand in Saint Leonard, Quebec

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

PJ Chatfield, Lowell, MA, USA

PJ at Collingwood, a scene from Dark Shadows
Thanks PJ . . pleased to have you in the with the artists. I've enjoyed your mailings over the years. Your works are like storyboards . . they have been indelibly etched into my memory since the very first of your postings. That speaks well of your work.
Love and Laughter as always
Check out PJ's Blog: Snail Mail Artist

Monday, April 4, 2011

Anna Banana, Roberts Creek, BC, CANADA

Stamp Series Selected Costumes of Anna's Performances and Events 1971-2009
More from Anna at: Banana Productions

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hopeton Anderson, Victoria, BC, CANADA

"The Well" . . . 821 Fort Street

Proprietor of The Well and a published poet himself, Hopeton Anderson has made his vision of creating a place for body mind and spirit a reality in Victoria. His philosophy of "eat well, dress well, read well and live well" can all be seen here. Some of the proceeds from the cafe's coffee supports a community in Mexico while all pastries that are sold have healthy ingredients. The shop also sells healthy and fair trade groceries and the clothing for sale is made of natural fibers. At the back of the shop are an array of books to ensure a read for everyone. Come and check it out!

Wayne Bianchin, Nanaimo, BC, CANADA

Left-winger Wayne Bianchin spent parts of seven years in the NHL, mostly with the Pittsburgh Penguins. He was a clever goal scorer who could play the power play and kill penalties though he rarely found himself in the box.

More info on Wayne on Ice at: LEGENDS OF HOCKEY