Saturday, August 20, 2016

Portrait Documentation page 67

Special Thanks to everyone in this edition . . very much appreciated!

Ruud Janssen—The NETHERLANDS, Stephen Wright —ENGLAND, Christian Pietzke—GERMANY, Picasso Vom Bodensee—SWITZERLAND, Dr. Aaron Devor—CANADA, Monica Rex—USA
Alexander Crookshanks—USA, Carollyne Yardley—CANADA, Todd Labrador—CANADA, Doris Day, Carmel—USA, John Horgan—CANADA, Emilio Carrasco—MEXICO
Magda Lagewerf—THE NETHERLANDS, Uli Grohmann—GERMANY, John Tingey—ENGLAND, Andrzej Kielbowicz—CANADA, Nasta Spencer—RUSSIA, Ilmar Kruusamae—ESTONIA
Piet Franzen—The Netherlands, John M. Bennett—USA, Peter Netmail—GERMANY, Tim Collapse—USA, Picasso Gaglione—USA, Ann Marie Bennett—CANADA

Friday, August 19, 2016

Ann Marie Bennett, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Special Thanks to my friend Ann Marie for this portrait mailing in today's poste . . a delightfully delicious end to a very full day . . and the great way to close edition # 67. See you in the mail  . . lots of Love and Laughter as always, M.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tim Collapse, Altamahaw, North Carolina, USA

Thanks Tim . .  mail on the way to you soon . . 

Picasso Gaglione, Stampland, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Thanks Picasso!
Postcard # 1083 returns from Stampland to join the collection . . check out Picasso's site: STAMPLAND

Pamela Madoff, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Postcard # 827 has found it's way back to studio J . . special Thanks to City Councillor Pamela Madoff for participating in the mail art project. 

Peter Netmail, Minden, GERMANY

Postcard # 1087
Thanks Peter . . 
Check out Peter and Angela's blog: Netmail News 

John M. Bennett, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Thanks John . . for these additions to "Portraits II"
Great hearing from you . . more about John at:

Piet Franzen, Leiden, The Netherlands

Thanks for the DA-DA portrait . . . 
Love Ma-Ma Mailarta

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ilmar Kruusamae, Tartu, ESTONIA

Thanks Ilmar . . Incredible portraits . . great to hear from you.

Nasta Spencer, Taganrog, RUSSIA

A series of portrait drawings arrive from Nasta. 
Many Thanks . . kindest regards from Canada
See more from Nasta at her site: NASTA SPENCER

Andrzej Kielbowicz, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Thanks to photographer Andrzej Kielbowicz for the return of portrait postcard # 978.
Very much appreciated.

John Tingey, Newbury, Berks, ENGLAND

Thanks to my friend John Tingey for the return of postcard # 1066
John's book "The Englishman Who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects" led to the inspiration for the post card mailings.