Sunday, March 30, 2014

Newfoundland Portrait Documentation Page 47

Thanks to:
Jane Reagh Bruce-Robertson — CANADA, Giovanni and Renata Strada —ITALY, Lorraine Matthews —CANADA, Jonathan Leiter — USA, Emma Peckford — CANADA, Sonja Corbin Dwyer — CANADA

Jean Wills — CANADA, Jas Felter — CANADA, Hariadi Nugroho — INDONESIA, Conor Curtis — CANADA, Maria Mercer — CANADA, Marci Katz — CANADA

Vattacharja Chandan — INDIA, Umberto Basso — ITALY, Monika Mori — AUSTRIA, Dame Mailarta — CANADA, Claudio Gavina — ITALY, Jackie Alcock — CANADA

Marlene MacCallum — CANADA, Virginia Milici — ITALY, Glenn Gear — CANADA, Janet Peckford — CANADA, Uli Grohmann — GERMANY, David Morrish — CANADA

David Morrish, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

Ever colourful  . . Dave leaves me smiling . . Thanks so so much.
See more at his site: DeadCat Press
So pleased to be handed this set of Special Edition Stamps designed by Dave for the Dame and her arrival in Corner Brook.

Uli Grohmann, Munster, GERMANY

Uli - working from all sides 
Thanks so much!

Janet Peckford, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

Thanks Janet . . 
Felted Fascinator Janet made from the needle felting workshop I did while in Corner Brook. 

Glenn Gear, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA

Friend and former Grenfell classmate . . . Fab Portrait!
Glenn Gear is a multimedia artist and animator originally from Newfoundland. His work is diverse in scope, often employing experimental techniques in both digital and traditional forms.

Check out his video work at: Glenn Gear on Vimeo

Virginia Milici, Treviso, ITALY

Thanks Virginia . . 

Marlene MacCallum, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

Thanks Marlene! Great Photo . . 
Marlene MacCallum is a visual artist and has lived and worked in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador since 1990. She is a full Professor in the Visual Arts Program at Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
More from Marlene at: Marlene MacCallum - Visual Artist

Jackie Alcock, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

The artist Jackie Alcock with the painting of her Canadian Postage Stamp we added to the Portrait Mail Art Gallery. 
See more of Jackie's art at: Jackie Alcock

Claudio Gavina, Milano, ITALY

Grazie Claudio . . 

Dame Mailarta, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Monika Mori, Maria Enzersdorf, AUSTRIA

Thanks Monika
More of her art at: Mori-Art/Moo

Umberto Basso, Barletta, ITALY

Many Thanks my friend . . 
His website: Umberto Basso

Vattacharja Chandan, Kolkata, INDIA

Many Thanks Vattacharja . .  more on this artist  and writer at: Vattacharja Chandan

Marci Katz, Bowser, British Columbia, CANADA

Love what happens in LA- LA Land . . Thanks Marci
Check out Marci's website: Marci Katz Fine Art and Design

Maria Mercer, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

Maria was one of the keys to seeing the show at Grenfell come together so smoothly.
Thanks so much for all your help. She currently is studying abroad in England . . check out her blog: MARIA MERCER

Conor Curtis, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

Great to meet you while in Corner Brook.
Conor is also a member of the Stockpile Artists Collective

Hariadi Nugroho,Yogyakarta, INDONESIA

Many Thanks for your mailing . . see you in the Poste!

Jas Felter, Postes Mraur, Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

Thanks James . . merci Beaucoup!
More from Jas at: Jas W. Felter

Jean Wills, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

One of the first mailings I opened for the Portrait show . . mixed media on paper . . it turns out to be # 1111 in the collection!
Thanks Jean . .  more of her art at: VANITAS

Sonja Corbin Dwyer, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

Thanks Sonja

Emma Peckford, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

Thanks Emma . . I bet that was a fun night out.

Jonathan Leiter, Staten Island, New York, USA

Visual Artist and Poet
Thanks Jonathan . . 
He also has a mail art project : Re: Imaging Staten Island

Lorraine Matthews, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

Great portrait . .  
I wonder if the snow-love smile is still as radiant . . as we approach April month

Giovanni and Renata Strada, Ravenna, ITALY

Thanks my friends good to see your mail in the mix
Check out more from Giovanni and Renata at: STRADA

Jane Reagh Bruce-Robertson, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, CANADA

Portrait on scratchboard
Thanks Jane

Friday, March 28, 2014

Newfoundland Portrait Documentation Page 46

Thanks to: 
Amber Andersen - Canada, Guido Capuano - Italy, Lunar Suede - Canada, Wolfgang Kraus - Germany, Kathleen McHugh - USA, Judy Skolnick - USA
Josh Ronsen - USA, Alberto Sordi - Italy, Joe Lewis - Canada, Jim Siergey - USA, Jack Ferlise - USA, Elisa Battistella - Italy
Stan Askew - USA, Brent Leopold - USA, Carlyle Baker - Canada, Dale Roberts - Canada, Roy Green - Canada, John Harris - Canada
Stephan Jacob - Canada, Suzlee Ibrahim - Malaysia, G. Arttower Schwind - Germany, Sinasi Gunes - Turkey, Wren Katzalay - Canada, Valerie Elliott - Canada

Valerie Elliott, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Fantastic . . still as adorable and flexible too . . 
Check out her design site: ID2 Communications

Wren Katzalay, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Mask in the Mirror
More from this talented artist at her site: Wren Katzalay

Sinasi Gunes, Istanbul, TURKEY

Fascinating portraits from Sinasi in Turkey. See more of his art at: sinasi gunes

Gunter Arttower Schwind, Aschaffenburg, Germany

Thanks so much Arttower 
Mail coming your way soon.