Friday, February 21, 2014

John Travolta, Santa Barbara, California, USA

#731 in the postcard series is returned along with signed postcard from John Travolta . . who gets to be congratulated as the 1000th autographed portrait to join the Palace walls at Studio J!!!! Thanks so much John . . very much appreciated.

Rod Summers, Maastricht, The NETHERLANDS

Rod  photo by Hans Lemmen

webcam selfie as Birdbrain


Rod by Finnbogi Petursson

Michael Goetz, Rockford, Illinois, USA

Comic self portrait from illustrator Michael Goetz
Thanks . . . see you in the mail!

Sugar Irmer, Berlin, GERMANY

Thanks Sugar . . segment by segment I piece the portrait of you together.

Clemente Padin, Montevideo, URUGUAY

Thanks to my friend for this portrait postcard . . appreciate your continued support.

The Sticker Dude, New York, New York, USA

Thanks to Joel S. Cohen, The Sticker Dude who lived up to his reputation this past weekend while at the Ex Postal Facto event in San Francisco.

Tim Allen, North Hollywood, California, USA

Thanks Tim, greatly appreciated!
More from Tim at his site: TIM ALLEN

Phaedra J. Kelly, Ryde, Isle of Wight, UNITED KINGDOM

A surprise musical portrait package arrives from my friend Phaedra. Cover art of the poetry booklet is by Dawn Redwood. You can hear Phaedra and her poetry band at my space: ECURBREKAL

Patricia Eloy-Veltin, Chauny, FRANCE

Self Portrait Monkey from Patricia.
I was saddened to get the news today that she passed away on the 19th February.
I will miss her. RIP my friend.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Carole Sabiston, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

Artist Carole Sabiston avec moi (Mailarta) . . at the Art Gallery of Victoria's Wearable Art Show. Carole currently has a show of her work at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. See the coverage of the show at:  Exhibit-V

Portrait Documentation Page 41

Special Thanks to:

01. Guido Vermeulen, Brussels, BELGIUM
02. Rob McTavish, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
03. Alan McConnachie, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
04. David Stanley Aponte, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
05. Frank Fine, Berlin, GERMANY
06. Cristina Blank, Wörthsee, GERMANY

07. Eddie Izzard, London, ENGLAND
08. Ottmar Bergmann, Gylsboda, Sweden
09. Hilda Paz, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
10. Sugar Irmer, Berlin, GERMANY
11. Magie Dominic, New York, New York, USA
12. Tierre Joline, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

13. Mariano Bellaroso, Milano, ITALY
14. Chris Newstead, Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA
15. Joan Rivers, New York, New York, USA
16. Roberto Scala, Naples, ITALY
17. Francois Leduc, Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
18. Valery Shimanovsky, Tatarstan, RUSSIA

19. Robert Conrad, Sunland, California, USA
20. Mariana Serban, Targu Mures, ROMANIA
21. Otto D. Sherman, New York, New York, USA
22. José Luis Hernández Galán, IGAKUSEI, Sevilla, SPAIN
23. Colin Scholl, San Diego, California, USA
24. Anna Boschi, Bologna, ITALY

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jimmy Somerville, London, ENGLAND

# 710 in the postcard series returns to the Portrait Palace!
Thanks to Jimmy . . one of the most amazing voices out there . . I look forward to his new album release . . . 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Olivia Chow, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

Had an opportunity to meet the gracious and delightful Olivia Chow this morning here in Victoria. Silk Road Tea Emporuim hosted the signing thanks to The Victoria Chinatown Lioness Club.
Thanks Olivia for signing her portrait as well as her new book for me. All the best on the tour!
Love and Laughter, always, Mailarta
Olivia signing her book: My Journey
Chalk Artist Ian Morris does a portrait of Olivia Chow outside the Silk Road Shop